Hopes and fears: Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords in Finances

Upright. Nine of Swords may tell that you fall into a situation in which you need to cut down on spending on one item to cover the cost of another. You should slow things down and consider carefully about what is going on in your financial situation. Look for available resources and help if you need it. Do not take advantage of games of chance or adventure with rich-quick schemes. The real miracle will happen, but do not be reckless. If you feel suspicious before investing, ask lots of questions.

Reversed. The Nine of Swords reversed tells that you need to be cautious about the person you trust. You should check carefully before you lend money to someone else, be wary of the risk that your loan will not be refunded. There is a small possibility that you may be accused of something related to the money which you do not do. If this happens, stand up for yourself and trust in the help of the law.

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