Differences in worldviews: Heart

Upright: This card is the most important in a love relationship. This is a symbol of love, true feelings and understanding. For existing relationships - strengthening of affection, renewal of feelings, emotional comfort. In general, regardless of the prospects and duration of the relationship, this is a true feeling that won’t be forgotten forever. Positive cards in the layout enhance the action of the Heart Tarot card: with the Ring - marriage; with the Anchor - long lasting relationship; with the Dog - fidelity; with the House - harmony and family comfort. However, the Heart is not about marriage or eternal relationships. This can only be judged on the basis of other cards. 

Reversed: The reversed Lenormand cards Heart meaning indicates a lack of feelings in a couple. If there are only negative symbols next to it, then reading is carried out in the opposite direction: break-up, extinction of feelings, indolence and coldness.

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