Card #5: Tower

Upright: In the context of relationships, the Tower in Tarot must be interpreted carefully, it often speaks of breaking up. It may also indicate that the partners live separately from each other and run the household separately, each of them has its own budget, may even live in different cities, there are a lot of formalities and alienation between people.

In rare cases, the Tower next to the Heart can speak of a long union, however, as a rule, one partner rules, another - obeys. This card in the deck may mean that there is an age difference between the couple. Finally, if you are alone, then the reason for such a romantic status is your love for work, as now you are literally married to your job.

Reversed: There are also situations when one partner suffers from the pressure, because of what one feels themselves like in a nightmare. According to Lenormand Tower combinations,"Tower + Heart" says that you have closed your soul from the world and will not allow anyone to come close to you, or if you have a loved one, then it is a strong and stable romantic relationship. The combination "Tower + Home" means a safe place, a warm family day or the same cycle on common issues and isolation from the community. 

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