Future card: what difficulties there will be and advice on how to proceed: The Emperor

The Emperor is a tarot card that is part of the Major Arcana. It typically depicts an authoritative figure, usually a king or emperor, sitting on a throne and holding a scepter, symbolizing stability, power, and authority. In a reading, The Emperor card can indicate that the querent is in a position of power or that they will soon be in one. It can also indicate that the querent needs to take a more assertive and authoritative approach to their current situation.

The Emperor card can also indicate that the querent needs to be more organized and structured in their approach to things. The card can also indicate that the querent should be more responsible and take control of their life. The Emperor can also indicate that a querent is a person with a strong sense of self-discipline and self-control. This card can also suggest that the querent should be confident in making decisions and that they should rely on their inner authority.


The superiority of mind, leadership, ambition, and authority.


Weakness, emotional immaturity, rebelliousness, dependence.

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