Future card: what difficulties there will be and advice on how to proceed: Four of Cups

The Four of Cups is a tarot card that represents contemplation, introspection, and dissatisfaction. It symbolizes a time of feeling unfulfilled or unappreciative, despite having everything one could want. The card can indicate that the person receiving the reading may be feeling unfulfilled and unappreciative of their current circumstances, despite having everything they could want. It may also represent a sense of boredom or apathy toward the current situation. The Four of Cups can also indicate that the person should be open to introspection and self-reflection, be willing to let contemplation guide their actions, and be ready to look at the things they take for granted. In a reading, the Four of Cups can suggest that the person should be open to introspection, be ready to look at their current situation from a different perspective, and be prepared to find new ways to appreciate the things they have. It may also indicate that the person should be open to change and new experiences, to find fulfillment.


Resentment, uncertainty, apathy, isolation.

Opportunity missed, motivation, familiarity, self-pity.

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