Future card: what difficulties there will be and advice on how to proceed: Five of Swords

The Five of Swords is a tarot card that represents defeat, loss, and betrayal. It symbolizes a time of conflict and competition where the person receiving the reading may have lost or been defeated. The card can indicate that the person is experiencing feelings of defeat and may be feeling as if they have lost something important. It may also represent feelings of betrayal or being outwitted by others. The Five of Swords can also indicate that the person should be prepared for a difficult reality or a painful truth. In a reading, the Five of Swords can suggest that the person should accept the reality of the situation, and learn from the mistakes made. It may also indicate that the person should be prepared for difficult times ahead, and be ready to move on.


Shame, failure, loss, cowardice.


Selfishness, weakness, false pride.

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