Career card: career choices and what's going on at the moment: The Hermit

The Hermit is a symbol of the journey toward self-discovery and inner knowledge. He is a seeker of truth, who must venture into the darkness of his unconscious mind to find it. To reach his destination, he must disconnect from the noise and distractions of the outside world and focus on his inner voice. He walks alone, guided only by the low light of the northern star, with his destination being himself.

The Hermit’s journey is not an easy one; it requires long periods of solitude and introspection to gain insight into one’s true nature. It can be difficult to separate oneself from society and its expectations to truly understand oneself. But if one can make this journey successfully, they will come out stronger and more enlightened than before. The Upright Hermit encourages us to take time for ourselves and embark on our journeys toward self-discovery.



Path of consciousness, wisdom, discoveries, spiritual growth.


Exile, suspicion, unnecessary isolation, breakup.

Your destiny is being desided right now...