Career card: career choices and what's going on at the moment: The Emperor

The Emperor card is a powerful symbol of stability, protection, and authority. It represents an older man who is wise, successful, and usually wealthy. He is a strong leader with a clear vision and the ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of those he protects. The Emperor is a figure of strength, but also one of stubbornness and rigidity. He can be unyielding in his beliefs and unwilling to compromise or change his mind.

The Emperor tarot card serves as a reminder that while it’s important to be strong and decisive, it’s equally important to remain open-minded and flexible. This card encourages us to take charge of our lives, but also to listen to other’s opinions before making decisions. The Emperor stands for balance between strength and flexibility, between being firm yet fair. He reminds us that we must use our power wisely if we want to achieve success in life.



The superiority of mind, leadership, ambition, authority.


Weakness, emotional immaturity, rebelliousness, dependence.

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