This person's successes: Letter

Upright: The acute Lenormand the Letter card meaning in love is a fast development of events. Possible acquaintance via the Internet, by correspondence or by phone. Such people always prefer freedom from family obligations or sex for friendship. In the event of a quarrel - close reconciliation or communication of some kind. Depending on the neighboring cards you will identify how much this situation can be steered towards reconciliation. For example, the combination of the Bouquet and the Letter symbolizes a romantic date and reunion.  If the communication was terminated, then soon your hearts will meet again.

Reversed: The appearance of the Fox next to this card means that the partner will try to deceive you. The combination of the Letter + the Snake indicates a new possible competitor for the heart of your beloved person. If the Letter lies far from the Significator, then there is a distance between people and there is no happy end.

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