Career card: career choices and what's going on at the moment: Justice

The Justice card is a suggestion that every one of us will be held responsible for our activities and measured in like manner. It connotes equitableness, veracity, justice, and the law. This card encourages us to act as per our Truer Self and for the betterment of others. If we have done something wrong or made a misstep, this card suggests that we will be handled impartially and without favoritism.

Equality Upright even projects a declaration of care and comprehension. We could have finished something we grieve but it doesn’t mean that we should be punished oppressively. As an alternative, this card prompts us to assume accountability for our activities and draw from them so that we can continue in life with honesty. The Justice card admonishes us that while justice must be carried out, it doesn’t necessarily need to be at the expense of tenderness and understanding.



Karma, balance, responsibility, honesty.


Conflict, laziness, extremes, loss.

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