Card #4: Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles Upright

The main aim for this person is the achievement of financial stability and the acquisition of material values. Due to the fact that such people are quite greedy, they become crazy about money and strive to be wealthy. Possible inheritance. The expanded efforts and creative inspiration will bring material results. Despite having a strong family, a good health, an established way of life, a comfort and respect for each other, your life seems to be grey and boring. Low social status, person's thoughts are occupied only with material, money matters. Labor brings stable results.

Four of Pentacles Reversed

A person is not aware of the value of money and because of that may suffer from financial problems and health conditions. Besides, the reason for these difficulties can be gambling. That’s why your budget needs to be balanced. Such people currently experience a destruction of peace and well-established norms of life due to complete irresponsibility. The focus in every area is made on money, even in love.