Result: Two of Swords

The Two of Swords is a tarot card that represents balance, harmony, and the need to make a decision. It symbolizes a state of stalemate or a difficult choice that the person receiving the reading must make. The Two of Swords can indicate that the person is facing an internal conflict and is struggling to make a decision. The person may be unable to see a clear path forward and may be feeling stuck. The card can also represent the need to find a balance between two opposing forces or ideas. In a reading, the Two of Swords can suggest that the person should take some time to weigh their options and consider all the facts before making a decision. The card may also indicate that the person should try to find a compromise or a middle ground to move forward.


Restraint of emotions, friendship, love, fortitude.


Treachery, slander, duplicity, way out of an impasse.

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