Love card: what's going on with your family and love, what you should be paying more attention to: The Fool

The Fool is a card of new beginnings, opportunity, and potential. It symbolizes the start of a journey and encourages us to take that first step into the unknown with an open mind and a sense of excitement. Just like the young man in the card, we are standing at the cliff’s edge, ready to take our leap of faith. The Fool urges us to trust where the Universe is taking us, no matter how crazy it may seem. We must leave behind any fear or worry about what may or may not happen and commit ourselves fully to this new journey.

The Fool reminds us that life is full of surprises and unexpected turns. It encourages us to be brave enough to explore these possibilities without hesitation or doubt. We must have faith in ourselves and our abilities as we embark on this new adventure. With courage and optimism, we can make our dreams come true by following our hearts wherever they lead us. The Fool is a reminder that anything is possible if we just believe in ourselves and take that first step forward into the unknown.


Openness, curiosity, frivolity, uncertainty.


Impulsiveness, irresponsibility, betrayal, inexperience.

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