Love card: what's going on with your family and love, what you should be paying more attention to: Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles in the upright position reminds us that giving can be a spiritually rewarding experience. It urges us to donate our money, time, energy, or love to those who need it most and encourages us to recognize that giving can be just as fulfilling as receiving. By generously offering what we have, we open ourselves up to further abundance.

The card also reminds us that though we may not have great sums to give away, there are still tactics to aid those around us. We can contribute our time and effort by dedicating our services to a local benevolent organization or company. We can lend an attentive ear and provide mental support for someone going through an arduous situation. We can disseminate our information and know-how to whoever requires it most. Whatever manifestation our contribution takes, it will be appreciated and will come back to us threefold.


Charity, help, pride, mentoring.


Theft, greed, illusion, avarice.

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