Result: Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is a tarot card that represents intelligence, truth, and communication. It symbolizes a woman who is wise, analytical, and able to see things objectively. The card can indicate that the person receiving the reading is in a phase of their life where they are focused on gaining knowledge and understanding. They may be seeking truth, and able to communicate their ideas and thoughts effectively. The Queen of Swords can also indicate that the person should be prepared to be analytical, logical, and objective in their thoughts and actions. In a reading, the Queen of Swords can suggest that the person should be willing to seek truth and knowledge, be able to communicate effectively and be ready to make decisions based on reason and logic. This card can also indicate that the person should be ready, to be honest, and direct in their communication.


Insight, sarcasm, career, ambition, sadness.


Delusion, intolerance, bigotry, betrayal.

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