Love card: what's going on with your family and love, what you should be paying more attention to: King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles embodies riches, an abundance of funds, and worldly grandeur. He is an unwavering benefactor who employs his longing and trustworthiness to amass wealth for himself and others. His pride originates from what he has gathered and can share with others. Furthermore, he provides counsel, direction, and sagacity regarding money matters and career-related tasks.

When the King of Pentacles crops up in a Tarot reading, it shows you are assured and fruitful at pulling in and regulating abundance. You can spot openings for expansion and accomplishment just as the strength to oversee your accounts astutely for the long haul. The entry of this card proposes that you can change your vision into something true, down-to-earth, and frequently very worthwhile. This card motivates you to use your assets carefully with the goal that you can gather the benefits of your difficult work later on.


Instinct, intelligence, good sense, patience.


Meanness, bigotry, vice, anger.

Your destiny is being desided right now...