Result: Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups tarot card is a powerful symbol of letting go and walking away from something that no longer serves you. It can represent the end of a relationship, or the need to move on from an unhealthy situation. This card encourages us to take a step back and assess our current circumstances, and then make the decision to leave if it is necessary.

The Eight of Cups also speaks to the idea that sometimes we must take risks to reach our highest potential. We may be scared of leaving something familiar behind, but this card reminds us that it is often necessary for us to grow and evolve. It encourages us to have faith in ourselves and trust that whatever lies ahead will be better than what we are leaving behind. The only way to reach new heights is by taking the first step, even if it means leaving something comfortable behind.


Frustration, uncertainty, modesty, honesty.


Mediocrity, apology, end of difficult stage.

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