Action: The Magician

The Magician card symbolizes the potential power of an individual. It encourages tapping into one's personal power to positively shape reality. The symbol signifies knowing that all things are intertwined and being able to manifest desires by taking action. The Magician reaffirms that we have the inner strength to achieve whatever we want, as long as we have faith in ourselves.

The Upright Magician urges us to be daring and certain when making choices. He reminds us that effort can see our aspirations become reality. This card is an invitation to push beyond our boundaries, taking possibilities to be triumphant. It suggests relying on intuition when choosing, as it will lead us towards achieving goals. The Upright Magician indicates our potential if we are determined enough to access it.



Active will, energy, inspiration, self-employment, mental clarity.


Indecisiveness, selfishness, lack of purpose, failure of plans.

Your destiny is being desided right now...