Action: Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands encourages you to draw on your inner strength and courage when confronted with hardships. You may be weary from all the challenges that life has thrown at you, but this card reminds you that no matter how difficult it may be, you are always resilient and perseverant. Every setback gives way to personal growth, and you have the power to overcome any obstacle with the resources within yourself.

The Nine of Wands motivates us to rely on our strength and endurance. It reminds us that we can make it through anything by simply continuing onward. Even though it can seem like we are making forward progression only to have a setback, we must keep in mind that each time we pass an impediment, we become more powerful. The Nine of Wands gives us the bravery and resolution required to get over any test life propels at us.


Stubbornness, calmness, defensive readiness, financial success.


Bad luck, calamity, stubbornness, suspicion.

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