Action: Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords represents fear, anxiety, and nightmares. The image of a person sitting up in bed, holding their head in their hands, suggests that the querent is experiencing intense fear or anxiety. This card can indicate that the querent is worried about something, or that they are having nightmares or disturbing thoughts. It could also indicate that the querent is experiencing feelings of guilt or shame over something they have done in the past.

The Nine of Swords can also suggest that the querent is having a hard time sleeping or that they are feeling overwhelmed by their current situation. This card can also indicate that the querent needs emotional support and that they should reach out to friends, family, or professionals for help. It could also indicate the need to confront and overcome the fears and anxieties that hold them back.


Suffering, doubt, shame, guilt, event.


 Hope, comfort, isolation, shyness.

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