Action: Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups 

When the Nine of Cups is upright in a reading, it's seen as a positive sign symbolizing that all your efforts will result in success. Your dreams will become reality and your goals will be accomplished—you made it through tough times and can finally reap the rewards of your labor.

So you can look forward to recognition and acclaim for your work. Whatever you desire can be manifested. No vision is too great.

If you're still struggling, this card is an assurance that your current situation will change for the better and that a time of joy and abundance is on its way.

When you express gratitude, it brings abundance into your life that you can savor and appreciate.

Finding a gratitude practice that fits your lifestyle is key. You could start a gratitude journal, reflect on three things you're grateful for daily, or even create a unique gratitude ritual.


Prosperity, success, excesses, celebration, marriage.


Deprivation, greed, bad luck, bad habits.

Your destiny is being desided right now...