Money card: what to expect and what you can count on: Four of Wands

The Four Wands in the Tarot represent festivity and delight. It implies that a stretch of toilsome labor has been accomplished, and it's time to pause and savor the accomplishments of your strivings. This sign urges you to spare some schedule for yourself and commemorate your triumphs with buddies and kin. Whether it be a union, reunion, or just a possibility to amass with beloved ones, the Four of Wands is a prompt that life must be enjoyed as much as practicable.

Should this card appear in a reading, it may be indicating something advantageous happening in your life soon. This could comprise the commencement of a new relationship or job opening or even merely an unexpected event. Whichever it is, the Four of Wands encourages you to receive these minutes and fashion them into something special. Take this chance to cast caution aside and let fly! Rejoice in your successes and take pleasure in each instant with those who are around you.


Harmony, peace, prosperity, relocation.


Criticism, insecurity, disappointment, haste.

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