Unused: Man

Man card: What's it Saying?

  • what's up with couples:

    • if you're reading Thumps out a Man card for a happy couple, it's good vibes all around! they're totally in sync and planning big things, like buying their dream pad or bringing a mini-me into the world. And they're super proud of their love, flashing it all over the gram.
  • for singles out there:

    • see that Man card? Yeah, that's you — all alpha and goal-focused. You know what you want and you're not afraid to grab it. And hey, sometimes the guys in your life shoulder the heavy lifting of keeping things tight.
  • single ladies, listen up:

    • if you're riding the solo wave and the Man card pops up, cupid's got his arrow aimed your way! Keep your eyes open for someone special set to shake things up.

And then There's the Flip-side Man Card...

  • couple troubles:

    • is flipped Man card for a couple? Could mean some dude is worming his way in and stirring up all kinda drama. Or, you know, just getting too involved in your business.
  • individual issues:

    • if you're the lone wolf and that Man card shows up toe-up, it might mean you're feeling a bit lost or struggling with decisions. Maybe it's time to sit down and hash things out.
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