Final outcome: Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles in Finances

Upright: In this regard, the Five of Coins represents a state of very unstable equilibrium, in which a person feels like on a powder keg, either fearing dismissal, then waiting for a commission with a check, or worrying about the fate of their project. You are uncertain about your financial state and absolutely in the dark how to deal with it.

Reversed: Here, the following meanings are traditional: temporary stagnation in business, overexpenditure of vital energy and bringing oneself to illness or depression, attempts to stifle moral and ethical urges in oneself in order to solve personal problems. In fact, in most cases, it turns out that the problem was not as difficult as it seemed. However, a person experiences a lot of fears. So, the Five of Pentacles is a recommendation not to panic, but to have a “cold” head on your shoulders.

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