Health card: what might be bothering you right now: Three of Wands

The Three of Wands revealed upright is representative of the fact that you have dedicated thought to what the future may bring and are now ready to proceed with them. This card signifies trust in yourself as well as your strategies, and an assurance that things will turn out successfully. You're making efforts to construct a sturdy basis for what lies ahead, and this card encourages consistent effort. Additionally, it symbolizes the plausibility of probabilities that could appear unexpectedly; thus, it's essential to stay open-minded and accept unconventional possibilities, as they could help out in your favor.

The Three of Wands signals that it is time to exit your comfort region and release any suspicions or misgivings you may have regarding the future. This card urges you to acknowledge different happenings and benefit from any chances that come in your direction. It is essential not to get immensely involved in thinking, but rather concentrate on taking activity and making advancement towards acquiring your ambitions. With diligence and constancy, the Three of Wands assures a sparkling tomorrow!


Top, work, material well-being, support.


Carelessness, creative stagnation, arrogance, pride.

Your destiny is being desided right now...