The influence of the present: Three of Swords

Three of Swords in Finances

Upright. Talking about money, Three of Swords can be a sad message. But remember that fear will not help you. You need to consider the situation carefully, and then think about what you should do step by step. If the situation is completely “tragic”, do not try to make assumptions. Let’s just start with what in your reach, even small thing like what your next meal will be. Do not let your ego stop you from asking for financial help at this time.

Reversed.This card in reverse shows that you are worried about money too much. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that your needs will be met, as long as you do what is necessary and right. Anxiety or fear does not help you. In addition, this will not be a good time to risk your investment, because your hesitation will make any small profit potential (if any) obscured. You should just keep your money safe.

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