Situation: Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles highlights the influence of collective effort. It reveals three individuals working on a project, everyone utilizing their distinct capacities and aptitudes. The stonecutter is carving a stone block, while the two planners are discussing outlines and architecture. This symbol signifies how separate views can join to create something more noteworthy than their components.

The Three of Pentacles prompts us to acknowledge the utility of multiple perspectives and aptitudes when setting up associations. When putting our heads together, our private talents can be combined to formulate something much more influential than any individual could manage alone. We should attempt to recognize one another's competency and skill, even if it is not consistent with our own. By consolidating our feats, we can make immense accomplishments that potentially would never have been done without combining forces.


Decisive step, help, confidence, pleasure.


Pettiness, resentment, lack of respect.

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