Card #1: The Star

The Star in Finances

Upright: The Star in a career context indicates that you will have great opportunities coming your way in terms of work. If you have been waiting to find out the outcome of a promotion or job interview, The Star is very positive sign that things are going to go in your favour or something even better is going to come your way. It can also be an indicator that you would do well in a more creative role. You may be feeling very creatively inspired with The Star in your Tarot reading. Financially speaking, if you have been having money issues, The Star tells you that there is a way to get your finances in check. Now is a good time to make investments, within reason, as

Reversed: The Star in an upright position, signifies your finances moving in a positive direction. In a career Tarot spread, The Star reversed indicates that you may be feeling bored in your career or feel that you are stuck in a career that is going nowhere. Monotony has set in and you no longer feel the creative spark or enthusiasm you once had. You need to change your attitude and start focusing on the positive. Things are not as bad as they seem and anything you are unhappy with is within your power to change. The Star reversed can also indicate that you are not using your creativity and are letting your talents go to waste. In a financial context, if your finances have not been going well, The Star reversed tells you that any problems are within your power to change. Reassess your financial plans in light of any recent changes in your circumstances and ask yourself are these plans still working for you and will they get you what you want? If not, look at what you can do to change them to suit your current circumstances. Don’t let anxiety over money overwhelm you, it’s not all doom and gloom! Things are not as bad as you think they are.