Health card: what might be bothering you right now: Ten of Wands

 Ten of Wands symbolizes the successful conclusion of a challenging journey. It stands for hard work, commitment, and determination in meeting a success. The card indicates that you have succeeded in conquering obstacles, and are now living in a world of plentitude where lack and distress cannot affect you.

This card brings a remarkable burden with it. You are now the primary issue solver in your group of family and companions, which may even take you into an alternate universe of difficulties. As of now, you are overwhelmed with activities to support your prosperity. This might be overpowering at times yet it is significant to recall that you have just accomplished such a great amount and should take pride in your accomplishments. With cautious arranging and assurance, you can continue constructing your prosperity and arrive at even more elevated amounts.


Decisiveness will pay off, unnecessary burden, treason, secrecy.


Distrust, overwork, dishonesty.

Your destiny is being desided right now...