Situation: Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands symbolizes struggles encountered after achieving victory. After you have obtained something spectacular, you may experience others striving for your location. This can be both humbling and worrying as it requires that you constantly establish yourself and preserve whatever you have attained. Sadly, the more outstanding you are perceived as a leader, the higher probability there is of people questioning your stance or trying to dismantle you.

As the Seven of Wands appears in a Tarot interpretation, it implies that there will be expanding resistance from those who are on a different page from you or wish to divest you of your accomplishments. It is key to remember that while these people could appear intimidating, they are aiming to achieve the same level of triumph as yourself. You should productively benefit by continuing to strive and center on your objectives. Through steadfastness and persistence, you can overpower any restrictions in your way and attain even greater success than before!


Courage, criticism, fortitude, attack.

Cowardice, shame, avoidance, ill health.

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