The main concern of the questioner: Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles Upright

This card means, first of all, a modest reward for hard work, when a person spends a large amount of energy on a certain task, and as a result receives too little result or a small pay. The main message of the card is to realize the illusion of your plans and quickly abandon them in order to avoid disappointment.

It’s not worth hoping for a quick result, but the business will still be profitable, albeit later. When this card comes in the layout, you need to think: whether to continue the work you have begun or abandon it, since the result will have to wait a long time. Refusal from what has been started is usually not easy, because at this stage a lot of effort, money, energy is usually invested in the business.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed

These people may experience unsuccessful investments, material losses, unreasonable expenses, failures because of their impatience and carelessness. You can work hard, but your labor doesn’t bring success. You see no point in your working as there are no profits, both material and emotional. The person can also suffer from health problems because of money. Due to uncertainty in your own abilities, you become envy, jealousy and pettiness.

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