Who is the questioner destined to meet: Mice

Upright: The Mice and the Lenormand in love is about neglecting the wishes of your partner and pursuing your petty selfish interests. You may be robbed by your loved one. Besides, the Rat indicates depravity, perversion, bad inclinations and desires. The card is associated with eroticism and sexuality, and in the most "dirty" forms - sexual disorders and perversions. The Mice may mean disappointment, loss of self-esteem, perhaps your partner is a gigolo. Possible dangerous flirting during travel, resort lover.

Reversed: For a long relationship or marriage, the Rat card is negative, it may indicate misunderstanding and problems in the family. The risk of betrayal, infidelity and duplicity, which can result in distance and separation. For example, in combination with the Heart card, it will show a fading relationship that gradually degrades and decays.

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