Situation: Ace of Cups

 Ace of Cups conveys that it is time to freely release any emotional weight you have and begin living your life to its peak potential. As with all the other aces, this signals a possible fresh start - a chance to start anew. This could come as venturing into unfamiliar relationships, amorous or otherwise, that can make you emotionally gratified. The liberation designated by this card can either be spiritual or emotional, depending on what you are going through. The Ace of Cups may appear after a long period of being isolated or suffering something that greatly wounded you emotionally, and its manifestation may be there to signal the dawning of a new chapter.

This card can represent a freeing of either spiritual or emotional energy, depending on where you are in your journey.

This is your opportunity to move on from the past, as you are being presented with many potential blessings. Taking a chance to open yourself up to more friendships, love, and spirituality will pay off in the long run.

The choice is yours if you choose to take the cup and enjoy every sip.

Upright Love signifies new romance, deeper intimacy, and stronger friendships. Upright Career entails friendly relations at work, a jolt of creativity, and renewed enthusiasm for your job. Upright Finances represent financial assistance, happy financial news, and creativity in earning money.


Discoveries, gift, gift of fate, love.


Loneliness, grief, loss, fading love.

Your destiny is being desided right now...